Sunday, October 28, 2012

Local Eats: The Isis

Asheville is definitely a smallish town who thinks it's a big deal (the whole Ashevegas thing is hysterical being a once upon a time true Las Vegan myself). And rightfully so that A-ville should think it's hot stuff. There's a lot going on here these days, with a huge influx of new eateries and restaurants to enjoy. Actually a new place just opened up not too far from me, and thanks to it's beautiful facade I have been dying to try it out. Welcome to The Isis Restaurant.
Located in West Asheville (which is where all the scenesters are popping up), The Isis is both a venue hall and eating spot, having undergone a major renovation from being a movie theater which last showed a flick in 1957. As with all new restaurants, they are still working out the kinks, but I have hope for this joint.
The food was good, not overly memorable, but the presentation was beautiful. The location, the gorgeous renovated building, and the wine list are what will have me returning soon. There is also an amazing patio area, stage where they will eventually have live music, and a fun bar area which I have yet to explore.
If North Carolina would get rid of it's lame no happy hour law, this would likely become one of my favorite spots for happy hour. Their beer list is also equally impressive. Swing on in and give The Isis a try!

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