Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Running Aids

Some of you know that I am in training for the Eugene Half-Marathon on Sunday, May 2. Eek! It is coming up so soon. A half-marathon equals 13.1 miles, for any non-runners out there. Double that and you have a full marathon (which isn't on my radar anytime soon). If you are in the Eugene area and don't have anywhere else to be at 7 am on a Sunday, feel free to join the crowd and support one of the most popular races in Track Town USA.

In my efforts to be a better runner, I've trained my body to respond well to a little fuel come mile 7 or so of my long runs. I didn't do this the last time I was in training, being younger and more resilient, however this time around I think it has done wonders for keeping me from hitting a wall. A few of the aids have included honey and enhanced honey, Clif Blocks, and Sharkies. I also found a type of electrolyte tab that dissolves in water and helps to replenish a needy body. All have been helpful and I encourage other runners who aren't into the tradition gu-style packets to explore other options. Keep running! Good luck racers!

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