Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chick Update - Nearing The Move!

These gals are definitely ready to move outside. Like yesterday. With the rains and some changes happening on the home front, it is taking a wee longer than anticipated to move the second generation chickens outside to their new home. However, the day is nearly upon us!

Barney (above), LeLu and Athena - my rambunctious, yet oh so sweet, young pullets. What's a pullet? Why it's a young chicken, specifically one that is no longer a chick yet not yet a layer (or a year old, by some definitions).

By far, Athena has turned into the gentle giant of the group (there is always one in a flock). She is kind, sweet, and loves to listen to me sing to her. Ok, having a crazy chicken lady moment here...

One of the most exciting moments still a ways off is when the wee ones begin to lay. Specifically, when they begin to lay chocolate brown as well as blue colored eggs! In a few months time, in addition to the pinkish brown, darker brown, and white eggs our current ladies lay we should see a few more hues and colors. I can't wait! I plan to make some homemade chalk out of egg shells when we get to full laying production (possibly xmas gifts?).

Do expect several more posts about the new brood as their personalities grow and show themselves. For instance, LeLu the ham for pictures.

And not to leave anyone out, here is a parting shot of Blanca running around under the blooming pear tree.

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