Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chick Update & Chicken Tractor Building

We are nearly into week 7 now for these little rascals. Definitely at the height of the 'they're so ugly, they're cute' stage. And Ms. LeLu here surely knows it.

This one is entitled 'Feathers' for obvious reasons. For the most part they have the beginnings of feathers, however there are still little tufts of soft chick down here and there throughout their bodies.

Their newest trick is to see how high they can jump, which apparently is very nearly close to the height of their moving box brooder. Barney was getting ready to do one of her flighty hops when I snapped this shot off.

I have to be watchful around these little ladies. She looks like she is plotting something, right? Athena is still the largest by far of the new additions, although she is as gentle as can be. I call her Big Bird from time to time.

The Tall One has been steadily working on a new home for these guys: the Panda-sized chicken tractor. As we have fewer birds we're raising from chicks this time around, and because I am so much smaller than the Tall One, we figured having a me-sized chicken tractor will benefit us all.

If you aren't sure as to what a chicken tractor is, well it is just that. A hen house/run combo that is setup in such a fashion that the chickens act as natural tillers, tilling the soil for us gardeners such as a tractor would.

Building a chicken tractor is a fun and creative experience. From the type of structure to the color of paint to where the door placement ends up, the builder gets to decide while meeting the needs of his or her specific flock. For me, building a chicken tractor is the epitome of urban homesteading. People are so into them that there is even a gigantic gallery of different types of chicken tractors.

In the meantime, our little ones will continue to live on with us in their giant moving box brooder. Hopefully they will enjoy their first night out under the stars soon. A few more months until we get eggs!

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