Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Favorite Pasty

 I said pasty...not pastie. There is a difference.

One hides your tender parts and one is a delicious flaky pie filled with goodness. Obviously I think we know which one I'm speaking of.

I've been lucky enough to know the owners of Cousin Jack's Pasty Company since it's infancy (even spent a short while as one of their roommates). And out of all of my favorite local eatery companies, Cousin Jack's just may be my favorite.

Being a vegetarian, I love that Cousin Jack's offers a wide variety of pasty selections: wild mushroom, harvest vegetable, broccoli and cheese...hell there is even a fruit filled one. For the meat lovers they offer pesto lamb, steak and ale (made with Ninkasi brew), and a few other delicious flavors. Currently, I'm in love with the wild mushroom pasty served with a trio of different mustards. Mouth-watering goodness here!

Word out on the street is that a food cart is in the near future for these guys. That means I can get my pasty fix more often!

As it is now, you can order a case directly from them or buy them in your local store by the two-pack (check out their listing of where to buy). If you are out and about in the Whit, stop by their warehouse and pick up a few pasties directly from Dave & Kim. It's easy as pie (hehe). You can thank me later for suggesting it.

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