Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby Chicks!

Aren't they adorable? Please excuse the funny lighting, they reside in a red heat lamp environment until they get old enough.

It's official, we are now a multi-generational chicken household. Our original flock is about two years old while these little ones are only a few days old.

Meet Barney the barnevelder.

Athena the ameraucana, named after the Battlestar Galactica character.

And LeLu the dominique. Lelu was named after the namesake character from the Fifth Element. That makes four of our extended flock named for sci-fi characters (can you say uber dork?).

For the next few weeks, our make-shift brooder will be their new home. The tall one is in charge of building a smaller chicken tractor/coop until we can merge our two flocks into one, which will likely be a few months as the original flock needs to get used to the idea of the newer ladies.

I had planned to post all sorts of chick-rearing tips in this post, but hell the cuteness factor overtook me. Expect many more postings on the growing little ones soon!

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