Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's Spring! And My Wish List

Hi spring, welcome to the neighborhood. I've missed you ever so much. 

One of the first places the signs of spring abound is near the waterway that runs through our beautiful town, the Willamette River. Sadly, when I am out on the road I don't get to see much of this taking place.

Being self-employed (outside of the cooking realm) keeps me busier than I would like to admit. Last week was spent traveling and training, followed by a hellish day of attempting to battle airports and the friendly skies. Anyone who flew through SFO last Friday will sympathize here. To kill time and use free wi-fi, I often spend my layover hours browsing current recipe trends. When I am away from the oven, my mind fills with daydreams of baked goods and tasty treats. A few of my current wish list items include:
Be on the look out for my trial runs of any of the above. And my newest concoction - the cocktail cupcakes dozen pack!

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