Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome 2013!

The new year is here, just like every year that came before it. And with it comes a slightly too long list of goals, wishes, and ambitions for spending 2013 the best way possible. Or at least for me it does. Since this is the baking corner of my world, I figured I'd share my 2013 wishlist with all of you fabulous folks.

  • Learn to use my spiffy new, upgraded KitchenAid properly. 
  • Become better with working with flaky dough. 
  • Improve my tart making skills.
  • Go on a foodie vacation to somewhere amazing (yes, please feel free to join me).
  • Take a skill-improving class. 
  • Develop my idea for a B&B/patisserie experience. 
  • Donate some of my baking time to a local non-profit or for a good cause.
  • Network with my local foodies, hello NC!
  • Improve this foodie corner of the world.   
  • Return to my beloved biking for as many reasons as possible (transportation, socializing, moving around baked goods, and plain ol' fun).
Happy new year & may all of your 2013 baking & biking endeavors be splendid! 

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