Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hasselback Potatoes

Yes, I said hasselback. And no, not Hasselhoff (although if I were German, I'd likely worship the ground he walks on too). Word on the street is that they originated from a Stockholm restaurant, although I'd almost as likely guess they were named after Mr. Hasselhoff himself (I think I just want that to be true). To me, they are beautiful glorified potatoes. Just look at how pretty they are!
Like many of us, I love me some spuds but am always searching for an easy way to jazz them up a bit. Hasselback potatoes are the key! Scrub and wash each potato, slice like an accordion, and season or spice to your liking. This time around I used a number of seasoning blends from my spice cabinet after I had oiled these little babies up, then I stuffed them with sliced garlic and good salted butter. The end result was amazing!
I paired these sliced golden wonders with a delicious boneless pork chop (recipe to follow soon-ish) and some gently steamed broccoli drizzled in Braggs.
And of course a wonderful Oregon pinot noir wine as accompaniment. Silvan Ridge, a personal favorite. If you haven't ever had a bottle from their coffers, I encourage you to go to your local wine shop and purchase one for your next meal. But for now, I suggest everyone visit the FoodGawker page for hasselback potatoes and find the recipe most suitable for your dinner (or binge eating) needs. Mmmm, starchy comfort food!

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