Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Three Years of Baking

Really?!? Three years?!?! I am astonished that much time has passed since I started a little hobby blog for baking and turned it into a life-long passion.
Somewhere in the beginnings of this blog, I had some far-fetched idea that I would make a go at being a caterer (again). I even did some small time work when I lived out west, making cookies and baked goods for friends and family and the occasional big client, only to realize that I don't care if I make money baking. I simply and wholeheartedly love to bake and feed people. Easy as that (pie).
Three years later, and many dozens of recipes down the road, and here I am. Still baking. Still sharing what I make with those of you willing to read my little quips and comments. Still loving to play hostess and throw foodie fests and feed those I adore.
I am not sure what the future holds for me or Panda le Chef's corner of the world, but I promise you this - it will be a tasty little corner.
Three cheers to foodie pals! Much love and light from here. Hope to see you again in a three years and celebrate! Enjoy!!

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