Thursday, December 13, 2012

Local Eats: Fig Bistro

By and large I miss my happy hours. You may have heard me complain about how North Carolina has something against happy hours in the past (complete BS, I say) and you will again. Happy hours are the quintessential time to unwind after work and socialize with pals. Banning them throughout an entire state seems like a good waste of tax dollars and time, but NC seems to have its own methodology for doing things. Anyway, back to the point here, if there were happy hours in this state I would spend nearly all of them at Fig.
Fig is a gem. One of the first places I ever ate at in Asheville and outstandingly one of my favorites, the restaurant always delivers quality food and a wonderful environment. Self proclaimed intimate neighborhood restaurant featuring casual interpretations of New American and French cuisine, Fig is an amazing place to grab a quick bite, business lunch, spiffy dinner or even just appetizers at their lovely bar. I've spent a good deal of time at their bar enjoying meals and can attest to its awesomeness.
Not too long ago, the local paper did a write up on Fig and did an interview with the lovely owner, Traci. In it she spoke of her desire to present French inspired dishes in an unhurried atmosphere borrowing from a Paris brasserie. In my opinion, she is spot on the mark! Next time you are in the mood for a delicious bottle of vino or maybe a sampling of delicately flavored mussels or even a pork schnitzel, head to Fig. Make sure to save room for dessert! And their delicious ice wine...mmm, I love dessert wines. Enjoy!

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