Sunday, September 15, 2013

Where Did She Go??

I did it again, although not like Britney Spears did oh so many years ago (holy moly, has it been that long since that horrible song came out???). I skipped out on my blogging duties. And it wasn't just this blog, it was my entire portfolio of them I dabble in. Somewhere near the beginning of August I just gave up and decided to go on an unexpected blogging hiatus. From the baking perspective, it could have been because I reached max overload sometime that same month. August was the month of wedding cakes. I birthed two that month, for a lovely wedding service, and couldn't wrap my brain around blogging about the dozens of hours I had already spend elbow deep in cake batter and frosting. Let's just say I was so wrapped up in the design, creation, preparation, delivery, and service of these wedding cakes that I don't even have picture of the final products! But I have a few of the prep process, so please follow and enjoy!
Test cake number one, gifted to extended family as I couldn't imagine eating anymore cake at this point (not even to the wedding cakes yet).
Test cake number two, gifted to the bachelor party where I heard several drunk adult men consumed it with their hands. I took that was winning.
The base layer of the base tier of the main wedding cake (moist yellow cake) and my little spatula hand for size reference (HUGE 14" base).
Mommy's little baking helper. And the most awesome apron gift ever! Polka dots always win with me.
Building the layers of the base tier. Boy, was this cake baby heavy by the end!
Building the groom's cake: the base tier had a two-layer red velvet cake with vanilla mouse filling, then a top tier with a two-layer moist yellow cake with raspberry mouse filling. Eventually I was able to decorate with live flowers and more piping details once the cake arrived on site.
Building the bride's cake: the base tier had a two-layer moist yellow cake with vanilla mouse filling, followed by a red velvet tier with raspberry mouse filling, and to top things off I made a special mexican chocolate cake layer with raspberry mouse filling. The middle layer was coated with candy crystals while the top and bottom tiers had a gold finish painted on. More piping detail work happened just prior to the wedding, while I finished the cake with live flowers. I hope to have a few shots soon of the finished products, so stay tuned!

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