Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer & Wish List

Summer is here! Well, if you live anywhere other than western NC at least, as it apparently is flooding and raining like monsoon season here. Fourth of July was so wet that we can't set off fireworks. Word on the street is that our area of the state received all of its July precipitation in just 5 days. Blah, whatever. Fireworks are overrated (not really, I missed them terribly this year). I'll just burn something in the oven and act like I'm setting off a few bottle rockets.
So yeah, it's summer. Which means I haven't been baking as much of late. Haven't really been cooking much of late, actually. One big cake order (recipe to follow soon) and a few minor baked goods, but this chef has been slacking. Big time! Who can blame me when it looks like this here?! (minus the recent downpour)
All of this sunshine and warmish weather has me planning out my baking schedule and dreaming up a wishlist of recipes to try. With a few wedding cakes to make in August as well as the heat of the summer hitting, I have this month to tinker around and see what I can get out of my adult style easy bake oven. After looking over the list below, I can definitely see a chocolate and orange theme emerging...

Check back soon for the cookies and cream cake recipe! Twas a big hit!

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