Thursday, August 30, 2012

This is Not a Farewell

This post originally started a few months ago as a fond farewell...but damn if I just can't stop blogging about food. Plus the fact that several friends of mine recently began hounding me for my recipes. I'm a foodie; I have an addiction to sharing recipes with others. Blogging is my intervention.
And so a bunch of stuff has happened in my life since my past post (way, way back in December). I moved, I acquired a new family of sorts, I traded in my chickens for dogs, blah, blah, blah. I know you aren't here to hear about all of that, it's the food that keeps you coming back.
Intro the new and improved Panda le Chef site! Bigger and badder than ever, I've revamped a few things around the kitchen. I fell off my vegetarian bandwagon nearly a year ago and have to admit, I'm loving meat. So you will likely see a whole lot more of it around these parts.
I'm also doing tons more photography work, spending time trying to hone in on my skills and whatnot, so expect more pretty pictures. And from new perspectives (like the east coast).
Feedback is always welcome, as well as suggestions for what you all would like to see me bake, cook, or review during my travels.

Viva la foodie revolution!

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