Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chicken Update

As some of you know, there have been some gigantic changes in my life the last several months. One of those is the pending separation of my two flocks, the mature layers of the original flock and the younger gals adopted earlier this year. I knew this day was coming, although now that it is almost here I am a bit emotional about it. Yes, poke fun at the crazy chicken lady. I'll give you this freebie only once!

The older flock is going to greener pastures while the barely-laying younger gals (above) will stay here in chicken valhalla (how I refer to my backyard). It is all for the best and the departing ladies will be sorely missed!

In the meantime, I am spoiling my feathered friends as much as possible since our time together is limited. It feels strange to have raised a flock from chick over the past few years only to entrust their fate to another person. I hope that their new digs prove fabulous by chicken standards and they spend the remainder of their days happily pecking about. Do expect a few more updates on the departing ladies in the future!

And in other news...all three of the young pullets are laying! Hats off to Athena, LeLu, and Barney!

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