Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Harvest & Rehoming

This is what a fairly typical daily harvest looks like in our backyard. Not too shabby, right? We usually get between 3 and 6 eggs, up to a pint of strawberries, maybe some green beans or garlic, a few tomatoes, and most recently a few beautiful sunflowers.

Yes, I am still gushing over my sunflowers.

Our tomatoes are a tad green still, but a few of the Ukrainian variety are turning a deep shade of purple. Homemade salsa on the menu soon!

In other news, it was recently decided that Tubbers, the newest edition to our urban farm, wasn't enjoying himself here. The fit wasn't quite comfortable for everyone involved and Tubbers was rehomed this past week, now happily spending his days in Eastern Oregon. He's a well traveled kitty. Viva la Porkchop!

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