Thursday, July 14, 2011

In Chicken News...

The weather here in our corner of Oregon has been less than summer like of late. Rain when there should be sunshine, clouds when we should have blue skies on the horizon. It makes for an unhappy garden and testy chickens. Come back soon, sun!!

The flock integration continues, although not with as much success as I had hoped. The older gals still pick on the pullets, sometimes with a streak of meanness, yet the younger ladies are slowly fighting back. The two flocks still maintain separate space for most of the time, however they have formed this habit of hanging out in each others hen houses (trading spaces chicken style?).

Most mornings involve me rushing outside at the sound of an unhappy feathered lady to play mediator in the chicken hierarchy that is my backyard. After some feather flapping and squawking, things calm down until the next incident (hence why I'm so unproductive...well, there may be other reasons too).

With the garden finally producing some crops, they ladies have been getting their usual summer spoiling with fresh veggie treats. They've also witnessed the slow transformation of the garden, with the addition of a new bark mulch (or is it barkamulch) path. The plus side for the chickens - they get to chow down on all the weeds I yanked out of the garden path. Win win for everyone!

LeLu is still the sweetest of all of the feathered ladies. Both her comb and wattle have come in nicely, turning a beautiful color red. Signs of a good layer-to-be! One of my most favorite things to do is to pick her up, take a lazy stroll with her tucked under my arm, and sing to her in a low, melodic voice. Yep, I'm the crazy chicken lady. No fighting it any longer!

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  1. I like the Crazy Chicken Lady! Thanks for the chicken-news.