Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Best Breakfast in SF

A crazy short visit to San Francisco for Halloween was just what I needed. Or so I convinced myself on the plane ride down Friday afternoon. There was a dirt cheap sale on plane tickets to the Bay Area and after some short pitching to a friend or two, we were off to discover what the city by the sea had in store for us.

Every time I visit SF I have to have breakfast at a long standing favorite - The Crepe House. It is the best for hangovers, jet lag, or just plain insatiable hunger.

The food is fresh, tasty, and unbelievably good. I have a few favorites, but anything they make in that kitchen is scrumptious.

Now I can only vouch for the Polk Street location (been frequenting there for 6 or 7 years), however I bet all the restaurants are delicious.


This is my favorite crepe to order... the Mediterranean. Seriously, you must try this joint. You would regret it!

And of course, it isn't a San Fran trip unless I make a special visit to SF MOMA.

This was a great piece by Bruce Conner.

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