Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall in the French Quarter

The next few weeks have me on the road a bit, so likely less baking and more sampling of the local fare. Once again I found myself in the Big Easy. Just thinking of my trip has me swooning in love for New Orleans. This time was a solo venture, which meant I could eat any place I liked. Yippee!

One of the places I have been meaning to sample is El Gato Negro near the French Market Place. And after a super filling meal, I suggest the place to any upcoming visitor. Nom nom nom, yum yum yum.

While their vegetarian selection is pretty limited, I was definitely happy with my food. I ended up with the vegetarian fajitas, which came with lots of beans and rice, plus a little side dish of goodies to pile onto my fajitas. The house margarita made with orange juice was a tad sweet, but very tasty (and on the rocks as good margs should be).

With the location easy to find, seating available inside and outside including a sweet little hidden patio out back, and decent prices for the over-priced Quarter ya'll should try it if you find yourself in the Big Easy anytime soon.

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