Monday, September 20, 2010

Wish List

It is with great joy I report that baking season is almost upon us. Yippie! And yes, there is definitely a baking season in my life. While I probably do more baking than most folks, come cold season I spend as much time as I can in front of the stove...primarily to stay warm. Oregon fall and winter lend themselves to darker days, cooler temps, and a cup of hot buttered rum in front of an oven baking some delicious treats. Equate it to my version of the holiday season = baking season!

While December will bring the annual (massive) cookie tray spread, I have some time to fill before then. Below is a short list of recipes that have recently caught my eye, not to mention taste buds, and deserve some attention this coming season:
However, next up... Carrot Cake Cupcakes by personal request. Mmmm, I just may have to start those now.

If you have a recipe you haven't tried or have been eyeballing for a while, please share and maybe I can whip up a batch. If you live near my neck of the woods, maybe you will even get a taste test. Enjoy!

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