Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Big Easy

Sunset at Jackson Square 

The first time I visited New Orleans was for a conference which happened to coincide with my 18th birthday. And I was smitten. Completely blown away by the culture and class of this town. Luckily I have had the chance to return nearly every year (or more frequently at times) since then - twelve years running now! Most recently, I found myself in the Big Easy for another conference and enjoyed turning this trip into a foodie fest of sorts. Once a foodie, always a foodie.

Amazingly delicious honey lavender ice cream from Bayona
Another delicious dessert from Bayona 

For the first part of the trip I was staying out near the Carrollton Streetcar Line in the Uptown-Carrollton area. The area of Oak Street is adorable and I highly recommend it. Lots of little shops, trendy, foodie, love it! My morning chai stop included Rue De La Course coffeehouse. For a local nosh stop, I visited the new location of Juan's Flying Burritos. Both are recommended from this chef!

Apple pie deliciousness from GW Fins

For the days I worked the conference, I switched things up and moved down to the French Quarter. A few of the joints I was able to frequent included Bayona, GW Fins, and The Royal House Oyster Bar. All were amazing! Now normally I am a strict vegetarian with an occasional seafood/fish splurge a few times a year. However, being down in NOLA and wanting to support the local economy (as well as realizing that the fishing industry is about to crumble with the situation in the Gulf), I splurged on oysters one night. Of course it was totally worth it!

Tiramisu from GW Fins

A lovely idea which I may steal to start referring to myself... Kitchen Witch!

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