Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Even a chef needs a break! Or so goes my justification for yet another quick jaunt across the country. And when I am treating myself to a holiday, taking part in the local cuisine is a must. This past weekend my travels took me to the Gulf side of central Florida. Imagine sun, sand, and lots of flip flops. The purpose for the trip was the wedding of two dear friends. And of course, another foodie experience.

Did I mention that one of the themes of the wedding was Elvis? Yep, a favorite of the bride's! 


The wedding reception had a candy bar! And of course this beautiful cake, which is much too pretty to be one of my creations. It had vanilla and chocolate layers with raspberry filling in between. And yes, the wedding was fabulous as well. :)

Of course I had plenty of extra time to sample some of the best eggs florentine I have had in years! Let me introduce you to the Frog Pond. I highly recommend it for a brunch-style joint on St. Pete Beach.

Giant, isn't it? And oh so delicious!

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