Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Farm Fresh Eggs

There is something special about farm fresh eggs. Something magical and delicious, which reminds me of a warm kitchen and hearty breakfast. Or better yet, baked goods! Mmmm...

I am happy to report that the eggs around this kitchen come directly from happy, healthy chickens. My own, in fact! We keep a flock of 6 lovely ladies, two light brahmas (gentle giants), two golden-laced wyandotte (skittish but beauties), and two white leghorns (very independent ladies). Since relocating from the farm, a wonderful friend allows our flock to take up residence in her backyard only a short bike ride from my home. My mornings begin with a little feathered friend time and my evenings end with a shared moment around the hen house at dusk. I wouldn't want it any other way.

A few things I didn't know before raising this flock:

  1. Chickens have this thing called a crop, which if you aren't aware of its existence will scare the hell out of you! 
  2. Chickens are moody! Yes, they sometimes will throw a fit for no apparent reason... much to my pleasure. 
  3. Chickens lay on a 25 hour cycle, and will change the time of date they lay over time. 
  4. Chickens lay eggs using their skin pigment from parts of their body, so as a hen becomes a good layer her legs and other areas will go from yellow to almost white as the pigment heads into the shell of her eggs. 
  5. Chickens do funny things like try to fly when they really don't ever get off the ground, do some funky stretching that appears to be chicken yoga, and love to run wild in one crazy flock!
  6. Happy, healthy chickens lay the best tasting eggs imaginable...


  1. Very fun and I learned things I didn't know about chickens. Oh, and Ms. le Panda is simply sublime, in every way imaginable.

  2. Hi Panda le Chef!

    So happy to see you here. Love farm fresh eggs and your girls, much the same way I grew up. It was quite "Little House on the Prairie" with modern conveniences. Gives me encouragement for Siera's Organic Baby Cuisine. Gotta be startin somethin!

  3. I look forward to reading this awesome blog!